February 2021 Poke Crack Raffle

You do not want to miss this one. If you thought our last giveaway was amazing, you'll want to stick around. 

Starting 02/15/2021 during a stream at 9pm, you will be able to purchase raffle tickets for $1 per ticket, or redeem 2500 channel points for a ticket. Listed below are all of the possible prizes once we hit the specified dollar amounts. 

  • $50 - 6x8 Energy Art

  • $150 - Your Choice of 2 God Packs OR 4 Cute Packs

  • $250 - KayJay Merch Bundle

  • $350 - Signed Poster and Shiny Pokémon Card

  • $500 - Pikachu Box

and even,

  • $1000 - One Shining Fates ETB

All entries are given a fair chance to be chosen completely at random. Winner will be announced on Friday during stream, time depending on what tiers are hit before the start. 


Prize details below:

6x8 Energy Art - A framed Pokémon silhouette with energy cards in the background. Examples can be found on the site as of 02/19

KayJay Merch Bundle - The bundle includes the new KayJay Streams shirt in your size, a KayJay Streams tumbler, and a pack of stickers.

Signed Poster and Shiny Card - KayJay and the guys will be signing a poster to send to the lucky winner plus you get the first shiny Pokemon card that is pulled. (This excludes Charizard)

Pikachu Box - Four Shining Fates Packs and a Pikachu promo card.


**If we somehow hit the $1000 mark, the Shining Fates ETB will be sent as soon as it is acquired. This may be a few days to a few weeks after the stream.